The International Gloster Breeders Association

The twenty ninth show in this series of IGBA club shows was held in Nuneaton. Four Belgium fanciers entered teams at this event and were rewarded with notable specials. This major show in the Gloster calendar attracted most of the leading UK fanciers and many outstanding examples of the breed were on display. But, it was the strong Belgium team that had many admirers and as the day unfolded this admiration was not displaced.

The judges Charlie Clarke, Ray Popham, Bob Dunn, Gerrit Douma and Mick Rose - stood in for Mick Kelham who took ill prior to the event – had before them an entry of 1039 Gloster Fancy Canaries.

Show Team Manager Paul Burnett, and Show Manager Dave Rands with their respective teams ensured that the proceedings progressed smoothly over the two days. The IGBA stand was kept busy during the show taking memberships and selling club merchandise.

Junior Section

The junior section was keenly contested with Miss Sophie Housley, Michael Lootes and Nathan Marples competing for the top spot. From an entry of 17 the judges selected Nathan Marples buff consort as the leading exhibit.

Novice Section

In the novice corona section the following competed for the major corona awards.D. Rennison, flighted vari. buff corona hen.

L. Nicholls, unflighted vari. buff corona cock.J. Bowey, flighted TPD buff corona hen.T. Cleaver, unflighted TPD buff corona hen.

R & C Lootes, yellow corona.Mr. & Mrs. Biddle, white corona.J.Bowey, cinnamon corona.M. Turner, grizzle corona.

The leading novice corona was duly awarded to J. Bowey’s well know flighted TPD hen. The unflighted award being taken by the vari. buff cock exhibited by L. Nicholls.

The novice consorts had some good examples on display and the following competed for the major specials.

D. Rennison, flighted vari. buff consort cock.L. Nicholls, unflighted vari. buff consort hen.A. Lelliot, flighted TPD buff consort cock.

L. Nicholls, unflighted TPD buff consort hen.R & C Lootes, yellow consort.S. Greenwood, white consort.Mr. & Mrs. Biddle, cinnamon consort.The leading novice consort was awarded to L. Nicholls with his TPD hen which also took the unflighted award. The flighted novice consort was awarded to A. Lelliot’s TPD cock.The consort hen exhibited by L. Nicholls went on to take best novice in show with J.Bowey’s TPD corona hen taking the best novice opposite head award.

Champion Section.

In a large and very competitive champion section the largest class of 60 entries was won by R & I Wright with an unflighted buff corona cock. Belgium fancier Ludo Lenaers annexed two of the unflighted classes with a vari. buff corona hen and a TPD buff corona hen. Fellow fanciers Vercammen & Schoovaerts took the two leading unflighted consort hen classes, and Marnix D’Mont took the yellow consort cock class. Seven classes contained more than 40 exhibits’ with competition keenly fought.

The specials for the leading champion coronas were contested by the following.

Thompson & Burnett, flighted vari. buff corona hen.L. Lenaers, unflighted buff corona hen. L. Lenaers, flighted TPD buff corona hen.

K. Baker, unflighted TPD buff corona cock.M. Palmer, unflighted lightly vari. buff corona cock.Middlemiss & Thompson, yellow corona.

Vercammen & Schoovaerts, white corona.R & I Wright, cinnamon corona.K. Baker, grizzle corona.

All these coronas had headed strong classes before taking centre stage to contest the best Gloster champion corona awards.        

Each had their admirers before the flighted vari. buff corona hen exhibited by Thompson & Burnett came to the fore; taking best champion corona specials and those for best flighted and best variegated buff.

The champion consorts had some wonderful examples of the breed on display with the following contesting the specials.

Best unflighted corona was awarded to Ludo Lenaers’ variegated buff corona hen.

The champion consort specials were contested by the following:-

Durrell & Durrell, flighted vari. buff consort cock.Vercammen & Schoovaerts, unflighted buff consort hen.

R & I Wright, flighted TPD buff consort hen.Vercammen & Schoovaerts, unflighted TPD buff consort hen.

Marnix D’Mont , yellow consort cock.Keith Baker, white consort.K. Stokes, cinnamon consort

After much debate the judges selected the unflighted yellow consort cock exhibited by M. D’Mont as the leading consort. This is the first time a yellow has taken one of the major awards at the IGBA show and a testament to the quality of the Belgium exhibits on display.

The leading flighted consort was awarded to R & I Wright with their TPD hen leading the way.

Best of colour specials.Marnix D’Mont best yellow.Kevin Stokes best cinnamon.Vercammen & Schootvaerts best white.Keith Baker best grizzle.

Best in show awards.


After a lengthy deliberation the five judges selected the flighted corona hen exhibited by Thompson & Burnett as best Gloster, best champion, best flighted. This achievement followed the partnerships best opposite head award in 2012.


Best opposite head was the unflighted yellow consort cock exhibited by Marnix D’Mont. A wonderful achievement. This cock took the awards best consort, best opposite head, best unflighted.


The awards were presented by Ian Allison and Chairman Tony Thompson thanked everyone for their outstanding contribution during the show.

As always this show throws up surprises and the achievements of the Belgium fanciers will make the long journey home, sweet.

The IGBA show is still the must win event for the leading Gloster fanciers at home and abroad.        


Norman Wallace