The International Gloster Breeders Association

Club Officers

President 2017 Dave Hobart

President Elect: Dave Rands 01430 473323

Chairman: Keith Baker 01732 669590
Vice Chairman: John Herring

General Secretary: Ian Allison 01772 860940

UK Patronage Secretary: Dave Hobart 01900 601729

Membership Secretary/Yearbook Editor Roger Wilton 01772 721474

Assistant Editor: Ian Allison

Treasurer Bob Mortimer 01789 269177

Gloster Canary Council Delegate: Brian Durrell 01394 386034
IOA-COM-UK Delegate: Richard Lumley

Overseas Patronage Sec Richard Lumley 01653 697565

Show Manager: Mark Guest 07721 310117

Show Secretary: Sue Roome 01765 603794

Show Sec Team Leader : Steve Webb 01386 438072

Show Sec Team.: Gail Gash, Craig Biddle, Eric Jay, Steve Webb, George Thompson, Brian Durrell, Phil Durrell & Dave Rands

General Committee: Main officers +
Alan Hayward, Dave Rands, Craig Biddle, Brian Durrell, Phil Durrell, John Cronin & Charlie Clarke.

Show Committee: Main officers +
Show Sec Team & Show Managers Team.

Publicity Officer: Ian Wright 01642 762165

Website Manager Ian Allison
Website Assistant Roger Wilton

Should you require additional information please direct your enquiry via the Contact link.