The International Gloster Breeders Association


Judges engaged for 2013 show


Gerrit Douma (Holland) D915, Charlie Clarke (Staffs) C147, Bob Dunn (Derbys) D072, Mick Kelham (Wolverhampton) K027 &

Ray Popham (Somerset) P002

Note! due to unforseen circumstances Mick Rose was a late replacement for Mick Kelham.

Venue: North Warwickshire College of Technology & Arts, Nuneaton. CV11 6BH


Class Sponsorship


For many years the annual IGBA club show has been one of the major highlights in the gloster fancy show calendar.A show that has consistently attracted the UKs leading exhibitors as well as visitors from all around the world.As a result of a lot of hard work by many dedicated volunteers over many years.

Recognising that it is one of the biggest gloster shows in the world, doesn't mean that it cannot be improved.The current group of elected officers and committee members are working hard , behind the scenes, to ensure that the show improves.If correct foundations are laid now,there can be a platform to take  the show (over the next five years)to a new level.One that will see it pushing new boundaries.Building a show with both feet planted in the future rather than the past.This years event is being held on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October,at the usual venue in Nuneaton.Full address and travel details avaible upon request.


The key to achieving this requires a different outlook on how shows are funded,because funds dictate how far you can go in trying to provide what all members really want.Therefore,amongst other measures,we need to look at maximising revenue through class sponsorship.With this in mind we are actively seeking sponsors for each of the fifty four classes in the show schedule.Each class can be sponsored by either individuals or businesses.For individuals(and you don't have to be an IGBA member to sponsor a class)each class can be sponsored for £10,whilst businesses(big or small)can sponsor a class for £25.As an added bonus,the sponsors of each class will be entered in a prize draw.The winning ticket will get a first prize of £50 in the sponsors prize draw.It may well be that you would like to sponsor a class you've won in the past,it could also be that you would like to commemorate a fancier friend,no longer with us who kept a particular colour of gloster.It could be that you are a seed supplier or business associated with the fancy and would like to be associated with our British Championship show and wish to see your name in our catalogue and yearbook(all good publicity).Either way with fifty four classes,covering the whole Gloster standard class spec there will be one for all.For further details or an explanation on what colours are shown in what classes,please contact me.To be included in our show literature all sponsers need to have selected their choice by  Saturday 5th October,2013.


Rather than dwell on the perceived negatives within the fancy,we are determined to show that we can improve the show.Initially it cannot be done without the help of friends and fellow fanciers but with your help we can show that the fancy remains strong.

Ready to embrace the changes required to build shows for the 21st century and the next generation of fancier.

A class,at the british all gloster championship, can be sponsored by contacting me on 02392 382751.

Alternatively you can e mail me on [email protected] or by letter at the address below.


Paul Burnett.

15 The Saltings, Farlington, Portsmouth, PO6 1LG