The International Gloster Breeders Association


Champions Special Awards Novice Special Awards

Best vgt buff corona fltd THOMPSON & BURNETT          Best vgt buff corona fltd 29-3      D RENNISON

Best vgt buff corona u/fltd LUDO LENAERS          Best vgt buff corona u/fltd 32-11      L NICHOLLS

Best tpd-self corona fltd LUDO LENAERS          Best tpd-self corona fltd 37-2      J BOWEY

Best tpd-self corona u/fltd KEITH BAKER          Best tpd-self corona u/fltd 41-5      T CLEAVER

Best yellow corona MIDDLEMISS & THOMPSON          Best yellow corona 45-3      R & C LOOTES

Best white corona VERCAMMEN & SCHOOVAERTS  Best white corona        52-2      MR&MRS BIDDLE

Best cinnamon Corona R & I WRIGHT  Best cinnamon Corona 48-5      J BOWEY

Best grizzle corona KEITH BAKER  Best grizzle corona 54-3      M TURNER

Best fltd corona        THOMPSON & BURNETT  Best fltd corona 37-2      J BOWEY

Best u/fltd corona       LUDO LENAERS  Best u/fltd corona 32-11     L NICHOLLS

Best corona               THOMPSON & BURNETT  Best corona        37-2      J BOWEY

Best varigated buff con fltd       DURRELL & DURRELL  Best v/gated buff con fltd 30-8      D RENNISON

Best varigated buff con u/fltd VERCAMMEN & SCHOOVAERTS  Best v/gated buff con u/fltd 35-13     L NICHOLLS

Best tpd to self consort fltd        R & I WRIGHT  Best tpd to self consort fltd 38-2       A LELLIOT

Best tpd to self consort u/fltd VERCAMMEN & SCHOOVAERTS  Best tpd to self con u/fltd 43-7       L NICHOLLS

Best yellow consort M D'HONT          Best yellow consort 47-1       R & C LOOTES

Best white consort KEITH BAKER  Best white consort 53-3       S GREENWOOD

Best Cinnamon consort KEVIN STOAKES  Best Cinnamon consort 49-7       MR & MRS BIDDLE

Best fltd consort        R & I WRIGHT  Best fltd consort 38-2        A LELLIOT

Best ufltd consort       M D'HONT          Best ufltd consort 43-7 L NICHOLLS

Best consort               M D'HONT          Best consort        43-7        L NICHOLLS

Best light                M R PALMER                  Best light        33-11     J CRESSEY

Best Champion                THOMPSON & BURNETT          Best novice        43-7       L NICHOLLS

Junior special awards

Best junior       NATHAN MARPLES Best opposite head MICHAEL LOOTES


Best yellow in show 19-5        MARNIX D'HONT

Best cinnamon in show 22-3        KEVIN STOAKES

Best white in show 25-22       VERCAMMEN & SCHOOVAERTS

Best grizzle in show 27-8        KEITH BAKER