The International Gloster Breeders Association

The Hobby

The hobby offers a daily interest with changes taking place with the seasons of the year. The start of the year January to March is perhaps the quiet months where the birds are slowly coming into breeding condition. The changes in the bird’s behaviour can be seen week by week as spring approaches.


April to July is usually the breeding season, where the expectation of them laying and rearing their young is an experience. This is a fascinating time as each day brings pleasure and sometimes disappointment on the outcome of each clutch of eggs.


August to September is the moulting season where old for new feathering takes place and during this time the birds often reach their peak of show potential. Each day their show potential is changing, sometimes giving disappointment but there is always a few which give you that buzz and makes want you to exhibit them at the shows and hope you have bred that winner!


October to December is the main showing season. It is this time of the year when you visit the shows, compare birds and meet up with friends. No matter what part of the country you live in, there is usually a show to exhibit providing you are prepared to put yourself out and travel for a few hours. It is this time of the year when new stock is acquired in preparation for the new year.


Keeping canaries is not a particular expensive hobby compared with other pass times. You do need a shed or spare room to keep the birds, a number of breeding cages and equipment and be prepared to look after them on a daily basis.


The amount of pleasure and interest given by these small domesticated birds is well worth considering when looking for a hobby which will give you a challenge in trying to breed that perfect show bird.



General Secretary:-

Mr Ian Allison

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