The International Gloster Breeders Association

Tips on Stewarding

Tips on Stewarding.

• A good steward is of great benefit to a judge especially those who are good at administration.
• Try not to carry more than two cages at any one time and always handle them with great care.
• Never leave show cages on the floor on any occasion.
• Always have additional table space available to store winning birds.
• Only present one class at any time to avoid confusion or embarrassment (unless of course the classes are really small).
• Don’t present birds in any particular order – allow the judge to move them as they wish.
• Always double check with documentation supplied that all exhibits are present.
• When returning exhibits to the main staging remember to top up the water container and attach any place cards or stickers.
• Remember to leave enough room for the winning birds of all the classes on the staging.
• All winning birds should be stored in a safe place until required for the awarding of any specials.
• Never offer an opinion unless the judge requests this.
• Never enter into a conversation on any exhibit or it’s owner especially if you have a vested interest – this will always be deemed ungentlemanly.
• Assist the judge to allocate the various specialist awards ensuring that all are awarded.
• Take extra pride in completing all relevant documentation for your section.
• Be responsible and display rosettes on winning cages.
• Confirm with show manager that everything expected is completed.
• Invite the judge to enjoy the hospitality of some food and a drink with our compliments.
• Whenever possible you should sit down and have your meal with the judge.
• Point the judge in the direction of the club treasurer to collect payment.
• Thank the judge for the opportunity to work with them.
• Remember that stewarding to an experienced judge will greatly advance your knowledge of the fancy and is to be recommended.